Your Eyes Tell the Health about Your Health

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the eye doctor reads them a lot more.
Eye Disease, Doctor & Soles
The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but at least the eyes are the window into the blood stream bottoms. It is the only place where you can see the condition of the blood vessels without the surgeon’s knife or a contrast agent. Except that the doctor can see the bottom of the eye begin to eye diseases, criss-crossing vessels on the retina welfare can reveal whether there is any patient arterial disease: diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, heart attack or stroke. If the pressure is too high, the thicker the walls of the arteries and blood path becomes narrower. Eyes narrowed arteries can press the veins and reduce the blood flow.

If your blood sugar is high, the retina shows capillary occlusions, bleeding and swelling. Too much cholesterol accumulates in shapeless object while the walls of the blood vessels. Damage is done on the sly. Fundus is we are at pains or symptoms of, so often the changes to take the patient as a complete surprise.

Reading Glasses with Your Doctor

Excessive blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol may do evil eye on the bottom, even if the vision should be pretty good. Eye doctors recommend that every 40-year-old would happen consultation related to a check-up eyes, the status, intraocular pressure, and fundus. Although optometrists are experts in the determination of the glasses, they have not been trained to look for or treat eye diseases. Another way to weed out the appearance of the main threats is to check yourself once a week and each eye sees them. That is, a hand alternately on each eye and gaze into the distance and then the first book.

The Quiet Appearance of the Exporters

The largest working-age people with visual impairment caused by diabetic macular changes. 65 years of age look threatening in addition to macular degeneration and central part of glaucoma. All are asymptomatic and slow-developing disease. The bottom of the eye may be affected, even before diabetes states. It appears to see little by little creeping and it is not uncommon for clues about the disease macular changes. Some of the changes require treatment right away, but some are so mild that the ways of life.

Can you see the flies?
Strong arteries and veins grows out of thin capillaries. The sight needs a lot of oxygen. If the left carotid artery central artery clogs the eye, vision goes to a doctor immediately and have to leave. Instead, the jam in a thin capillaries does not seem anywhere, even if the retina was born in a small necrosis. Damage to be allowed to go in peace: the blood can oxidize increasingly smaller part of the fundus. Too much sugar in the blood vessel wall is acid. They break easily and begin to exude old water pipes by law. Liquid to flow in the retina, which swells like a sponge. If the swelling is a good visibility in the area, the picture is distorted and vision loss.

When the capillaries become blocked and blood flow within the fundus of the eye due to lack of oxygen begins to grow new blood vessels. They are fragile and bleed easily clear the vitreous.  The patient can see the “flies” or “soot flakes”. If the leak is large, it will darken the appearance and view of the world than through a thick soup.

Unlike, for example the leg or in the heart, the eye of new vessels is of no use. On the contrary, they are weak and bleeding. As a result, it may be up to a sudden loss of vision. Newly formed blood vessels do not disappear on their own. They are preceded by changes in the bottom of the eye may be reversible if the patient’s blood pressure and sugar and fat levels are improved.

Treatment from Head to Toe
If the eye doctor says that a patient eye are not well then it mean that patients are not healthy.  They are serious indications that the organ damage is getting to other places, if the blood sugar, body fat, and pressure cannot be remedied, doctors warns. Eye protection does not survive with just a laser, but all people should be treated. Macular prevention of blood vessel is the same as for cardiovascular disease prevention. Sugar and cholesterol improvement, decrease in blood pressure, smoking cessation and avoidance of overweight people in care from head to toe. When the blood supply to the fundus vessels improves, it will also improve the kidneys, heart, brain and legs.