What is a Medicare Supplement plan?

If you are currently receiving health insurance benefits from a Medicare plan, it is important to learn about supplement plans. These supplement policies are used in addition to the original Medicare plan to provide additional health care coverage.


A Medicare Supplement plan can be purchased in addition to regular coverage and will fill any gaps in Medicare coverage.



The basic Medicare plan does not cover all health care services and supplies; these exclusions are considered “gaps” in coverage. If a patient does not have a Medicare Supplement plan, these services are billed directly to the patient.


There are 12 different Medicare Supplement policies, all of which follow strict federal and state guidelines. Each plan varies in terms of premiums, deductibles and coverage.


Medicare Supplement policies are available through a wide variety of health insurance providers. While shopping for a supplement policy, it is important to carefully compare costs and benefits.


A Medicare Supplement plan does not cover any health care costs for your spouse or other family members. According to Medicare.gov, your spouse must purchase a separate supplement policy.


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