What are the causes of blood in a puppy

Finding blood in your puppy’s stool can be disturbing. Blood in a puppy’s stool can be a warning sign of a serious illness; however, bloody stool doesn’t always indicate a life-threatening condition.


Blood in a puppy’s stool could come from a number of things such as medications, a change in diet, eating from the garbage can or a medical condition. If the stool is a dark blackish color, you should have your dog immediately seen by a veterinarian to determine if your dog has a serious medical condition such as cancer or a tumor.


Bright red blood in a puppy’s stool typically means it is coming from the lower intestines, the colon or the rectum. Dark blood in a puppy’s stool usually means that it is coming from the upper intestinal tract and can be a sign of a serious illness or medical condition.


It is important to take a puppy with blood in its stool to the vet. Provide the vet with a stool sample as soon as possible. Serious medical conditions can be treated if they are seen by the doctor early enough.


For puppies diagnosed with a parasite, a medication is prescribed that eliminates the parasites. If the puppy has cancer, treatment depends on how advanced the disease has progressed. If diet is the cause of blood in stool, the veterinarian may recommend a change in diet, according to The Dog Health Guide.


To prevent blood from appearing in stool, it is recommended that puppies should not be given bones, which may cause internal injuries. Pay close attention to your puppy and watch for symptoms such as lethargy and loss of appetite, which are signs of a serious medical condition.


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