Type Of Dzi Bead And Its Meaning

dZi (pronounced Zee) has its origins in Tibet and is used to describe an agate bead of different patterns mainly with cylindrical or tubular shape and is called “Heaven’s Bead” in China. Such beads are etched with black-and-white or brown-and-white symbols consisting of circular ones, oval, square, waves, lines and various other geometric patterns. Tibetans believe that each of these symbols represents a specific meaning and the beads are a precious possession to the Tibetans.

Types of dZi Beads:

There are many types of dZi beads of which few important types with its meaning are described below.

The TWO EYED DZI BEAD is all about being a couple. It strengthens matrimonial harmony, creates family bliss and togetherness, increases happiness and love. It also helps towards a successful career and increased wisdom. For those who are single, wearing this bead continuously for 2 weeks will achieve maximum effect. For those who are married, wearing this bead periodically will infuse passion and love into your relationship.

The THREE EYED DZI BEAD is also known as the unofficial wealth bead. This bead enables oneself to connect to all the three key components i.e. the body, mind and heart. This helps to achieve good health, success and wealth. This bead will help in creating favorable conditions for the wearer to make the most of money making opportunities. It represents the three stars of luck i.e. happiness, honor and longevity. This bead will bring continuous good health and wealth.

THE 7 EYED DZI BEAD auspicates good luck and helps one attain fame, good career, glory, perfection, wealth, good relationships and good health & longevity or the seven eyes. The seven eyes also represent the constellation BIG DIPPER and it is the belief of the Tibetans that the seven stars of the constellation represent the seven medicine Buddhas. When this bead is worn, it is said that it removes obstacles for