Triglycerides Diet

A good and healthy triglycerides diet is a diet that targets fat reduction while providing you with all the daily nutrients your body needs and that also utilizes triglycerides friendly foods. Examples of triglycerides friendly foods are avocado, garlic, fish, green peas, rhubarbs, lean meats and poultry. Two items that you should pay particular attention to are the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar.

Your body processes carbs and sugar to extract what it needs and the excess ends up in the production of fat, from which triglycerides, fat in your blood, is produced. The daily recommended consumption of carbs for an average person is 250 grams, the amount contained in a small piece of skinless chicken breast, the daily recommended consumption of sugar for an average person is 32 grams, the amount contained in one 20oz bottle of regular soda.

So your triglycerides diet needs to be very sensitive to the consumption of these two items, many diet plans that focus on a healthy nutritional diet include only the daily amounts required. Consumption of alcoholic beverages must be severely limited if not eliminated completely, alcohol is a fermented sugar and your body process it more efficiently to the final production of triglycerides in your body.

Weight Loss.
One of the most important factors is the role that weight loss plays on a triglycerides diet. Even if you only consume your daily healthy dose of carbs and sugar, your body will still make triglycerides from the fat that exists in your body. The safest way to ensure that your body does not produce naturally more triglycerides than your healthy level is to ‘starve’ it of fat, or reduce the fat in your body to a healthy level.

You can find easily your body mass index (BMI) according to your age and height online, just go to the US Health Department website, they have a good one, once you know your current index and your healthy target your job will be now to get to that safe level. There are many nutritional diets you can follow that provide only the healthy daily dose of nutrients you need and that will cause you weight loss reduction.

Also, find the triglycerides diet that best fits your lifestyle, one you can follow easily, that contains foods you like and does not require a lot of food preparation to make it easier on you, there are many online that won’t cost you much or you can even find free healthy recipes that you can incorporate into your daily life. High levels of triglycerides are very dangerous, specially when combined with high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, they contribute to the creation of clogs in your veins leading to heart attacks, make a move today!, your health is at stake.

Good luck in your search, better one in your journey!