Triglycerides – Are Above Average Levels Of Triglycerides Dangerous

Every day a series of complicated interactions and events occurs in our bodies. If balance is maintained we generally feel pretty good and have a low risk of both mental and physical disorders. On the other hand if there is an imbalance all bets are off, and perhaps more importantly if the imbalance is allowed to exist for a long period of time we are playing Russian roulette with our health. This is what happens when an unhealthy level of triglycerides becomes the norm. In this article we will work to uncover just what are triglycerides and what most experts believe a health level of triglycerides to be.

What are triglycerides?

The simple answer is fat. But since there are many different kinds of fat we must delve a little deeper into the fatty world of triglycerides. Triglycerides are considered to be dangerous fats consisting of one molecule glycerin and three (tri) molecules of fatty acids. Glycerol is a small, water soluble carbohydrate that carries fats through the body; fatty acids are chains of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached.

Where does it come from?

For most people this fat baddy comes from their local supermarket. You say you don