Treadmills For Dogs…yup Fitness Equipment For Dogs That Is Safe!

The American Veterinary Medical Association has estimated that nearly 40% of the dogs in the United States are overweight. Unfortunately, this medical condition is common and leads to variety of health related issues that create a shorter life span. A few to mention are cardiac disease, arthritis, labored breathing, heat and exercise intolerance, respiratory conditions and compromised immune functions. Bottom line is most dogs do not get the exercise needed.

The key in creating a healthy lifestyle for your dog(s) is at least 45 minutes of moderate to strenuous daily activity. A regular walk is not always brisk enough or possible. Treadmill training can give a dog a great workout regardless of weather or environment, allowing owners to maintain consistent exercise regimens.

Why a Dog Treadmill? Dog Treadmills Keeps Pets Healthy – Mentally and Physically The dog treadmill training is a great alternative when you just cannot get outdoors. Show dog owners have used treadmill training for years to increase muscle definition, tone and help focus their dog