Top Raw Food Retreats in the US

Many people today are interested in raw food retreats for improving their lives with healthier lifestyle choices. Diet has become perhaps the single-most important part of this effort, due to the increased awareness of how the mind and the body are affected by nutrition. Yet the need for an overall approach to mental and physical well-being has led to the popularity of detox retreats as an ideal raw food vacation.

The Raw Retreat

The Raw Retreat located in beautiful Ojai, California – offers an excellent combination of a healthy climate and a beneficial diet that will satisfy anyone looking for a good raw food health retreat. Wyn and Cynthia Waring Matthews strive to provide a total package uniquely designed for each individual. One-day sessions or full eight-week detox retreats are available, along with massage, ancestor work, diet analysis and a colonic in the Raw Vegan Intensive program. Meditation, dream work, journal writing and qigong are part of this overall approach to providing a complete raw food health retreat. Packages, prices and services are available at their website:

Moon River Retreat Center

Moon River Retreat Center has been providing raw food retreats and detox retreats for many years and it’s no wonder. This peaceful setting, located on the Hudson River in New York, offers a restful and beneficial raw food vacation for the experienced holistic devotee as well as the newcomer to raw food retreats. Gourmet vegan chef Catherine Rubin can provide a delicious yet healthy fare that is especially designed for those who want a tasty experience on their raw food health retreat. Raw food cooking classes, including growing instruction and setting up a raw food kitchen, are also available from Chef Rubin. Hiking, boating, golfing and swimming in the beautiful greenspace along the river add to the enjoyment of this raw food retreat.

Pangaia Retreat

The Hawaiian Islands could be the ultimate location for a raw food vacation and the Pangaia retreat in Hilo fits the bill. Primal living in this tropical environment will whet the appetite, which will be soothed by the wonderful raw food they provide. This is one raw food retreat that lets each person decide how they want to spend the day. Special events, called “land dances” are available for those who like to join others in creating practical yet fun work projects uniquely suited to the lush surroundings. Short stays of a few days or weeks or longer raw food retreats are available.

Tree of Life Rejuvenating Center

The Tree of Life Rejuvenating Center in Patagonia, Arizona is one of the best raw food retreats in the US. This raw food health retreat, founded in 1993 by Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., offers a true spiritual experience in wellness and inspiration. They offer detox retreats, along with counseling in diet, nutrition and healthy life choices that focus on the holistic approach to a better and more rewarding life. Dr. Cousen’s medical background provides sound counseling for special health issues, including diabetes treatment and overall mental and physical wellness.

Hippocrates Health Institute

The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida offers a unique program for a raw food vacation. Along with a two to three week raw food health retreat for those seeking a health vegan getaway, they also offer an intensive nine week program for educators and entrepreneurs that focuses on the practical applications of healthy raw food living. Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement provide an environment of education and therapy that includes raw food retreats as well as spas and exercise programs that teach people how to create a more healthy and rewarding lifestyle.