Real Pet Water Launches New Break-Through Healthy Water Product For Pets

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 15, 2008

It is well regarded that water is the key to life. While we take care in providing healthy water to humans, how good is the water that we are giving to our other family members – our pets? Luckily, a Las Vegas-based company has a break-through water product for pets that's got the same great must-have healthy qualities that are in water for humans.

“Our product is the only pet water on the market that offers the must-have stable negative ionized and alkaline qualities required for good health,” said Carter Matzinger, founder of Real Pet Water. “We know how much pets are an important part of the family and now there is an option to provide them with a high quality, healthy water for them to drink.

Real Pet Water's revolutionary health benefits come from the fact that it is the only alkali and negatively ionized water available for animals. According to Matzinger, alkali water creates a unique environment where disease and bacteria struggles to live. Meanwhile, negatively ionized water helps animals hydrate fast.

“Unlike normal positively ionized water, negatively ionized water enables the animal's body to hydrate faster at the cellular level and acts as an antioxidant,” Matzinger added.

Since the limited launch a couple months ago, Real Pet Water has really caught fire with veterinarians, breeders and holistic pet owners.

“Real Pet Water is a product that can provide essential health benefits for animals,” said Veterinarian Dr. Cacioppo, owner of Dominic F. Cacioppo DVM at 8400 South Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas. “I personally use it with my cat and recommend it to pet owners.”

Real Pet Water conveniently comes as a concentrate. Just one 4oz bottle will give you an amazing 30 Quarts of Real Pet Water. You can discover more now on the company's website at or call 1-800-409-9PET.

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