Organic Olive Oil Company, Bellucci Premium, Measures Up Olive Oil Health Benefits

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Natalie Sexenian, marketing manager for Bellucci Premium comments on an article posted by the Olive Oil Times, which introduces a new tool used to measure the health content of certain olive oils.

According to the Olive Oil Times article, a new Greek system was developed to measure the amount and content of oleocanthal and oleacein, two main compounds found in olive oil. Oleocanthal is proven to help relieve inflammatory illnesses similar to Ibuprofen, the article said. It’s also considered to halt tumor growth and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The other compound, oleacein is an extremely valuable antioxidant, which has been hard to analyze until recently reports Olive Oil Times.

Dr. Prokopios Magiatis, an assistant professor of pharmacognosy and natural products chemistry at the University of Athens said the new system helps to measure olaecein levels in extra virgin olive oil better than ever before. According to the Olive Oil Times, Magiatis developed the new method using “a form of nuclear magnetic resonance” called 1H-NMR.

“The new method makes it possible to identify differences between extra virgin olive oils and to classify them according to their potential health effects,” Magiatis commented to Olive Oil Times.

The NMR method takes 50 seconds to identify the molecules present in olive oil that are responsible for positive health effects, the Olive Oil Times reports. This allows scientists to compare each brand of olive oil and base their health level on the amount of those healthy compounds they contain.

Magiatis said to the Olive Oil Times he is able to compare hundreds of samples in a short amount of time.

Sexenian, the marketing manager for leading organic olive oil company Bellucci Premium, said the new method could help determine which brands to buy. “While olive oil is naturally healthy and has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, consumers want to know which brands are the healthiest,” she said. “For instance, if a person has colitis, an inflammatory disease of the intestine, they might want to know which type of olive oil contains the most oleocanthal.”

She said this new tool could also help brands make their oils healthier by adding in missing compounds. “If a company tests its oil and finds that it’s low on oleacein, it can try to produce oil with more of that compound,” she said. “This could boost sales because people obviously want to buy oil with more healthy ingredients. This discovery could also potentially lead to the invention of olive oil based medicine for heart conditions. It really is a great tool!”

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