Living Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

I used to spend a lot of money paying other people to help me live a healthy life. I really enjoyed working out at the gym and taking care of my body, but it was always me paying someone else to use their gym and for their health products. Then I discovered BeachBody and my life changed. Now, I live a comfortable lifestyle and have a great home business that not only allows me to take care of my health and live a healthy lifestyle, but I also benefit from being able to help others with the same drive and interests.

I’m sure you’re familiar with home workout videos like 8 Minute Abs, P90X Extreme Training or Hip Hop Abs. Lots of people use these DVDs at home to keep in shape. You may even use these DVDs. These videos are produced by Team BeachBody, along with fitness accessories like yoga blocks, resistance bands, sculpting bands and nutritional support products.

Team BeachBody was started in 2006 by Carl Daikeler, an innovator in the fitness industry. Carl decided that he wanted people like you and me, who were interested in keeping in shape and living a healthy lifestyle, to have the opportunity to turn their healthy passion into a business. He created a turn-key business system that provides complete marketing support, opportunities to increase customers and excellent products.

This business has changed my life. I now spend my time focused on helping others live a healthy lifestyle. Now I have people stop me and ask how I do it – how do I manage to look so fit and yet still have a healthy thriving business? I have to tell them the truth, that my body IS my business and I’m happy to talk to them about it. Soon, they’re just as excited as I am about the possibilities and I’ve helped someone change their life in a positive way.

If you’re not familiar with network marketing, here’s how it works. You have your own customer base. You also have people who have signed up to be company representatives, just like you, except you benefit from every sale they make. These people are called your downline. The key to network marketing is building your downline network. This process becomes very easy when you are working with a company like BeachBody that has such great products. What ends up happening is that people get excited about the products and selling them to their friends.

Unlike older familiar network marketing companies like Amway that make you do all your own work to develop your customer base and network, Team BeachBody does their own marketing promotion. They have infomercials that create interest from potential new customers who call into the buy the products. These customers get assigned to you and become your customer base. The other thing Team BeachBody does is advertise their home business opportunity. When someone calls and is interested in starting their own business, those people also get assigned to you as downline networking members, so your downline network begins to develop.

If you have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy helping others do the same, I heartily recommend Team BeachBody. It has changed my life and how much I enjoy my work now and it can change your life too!