Kyani Review – The Next Great Health MLM?

In this post, I will outline the details of Kyani, give you an honest Kyani review and then give you important points to consider when joining any home-based marketing business, both related to picking the right company and also having success in Kyani or any other company you decide to join. Remember that even if you are already in a network marketing company, there are some basic considerations that, if revisited can help you build your Kyani business.

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What is Kyani?

Kyani is a health and wellness network marketing company that began with three founding families who achieved enormous success through hard work and innovation. In a strategic partnership, founders set out to figure out the nutritional value of two relatively unknown Superfoods-Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. They saw the value in marketing such a product in network marketing, a fairly typical route for a product like this.

Quickly realizing the power of these superfoods and how they could be marketed, Kyäni was formed, using the native Alaskan word for “strong medicine” as the company name. Today, Kyani offers health and wellness products across a wide range.

Enrollment Options and Compensation Plan

On their website, it is a bit difficult to figure out what their exact enrollment options are, so this is something that you should figure out by contacting a Kyani distributor. As with most network marketing companies, they offer the option to join as a customer or a distributor. This compensation plan is based on building three teams or legs. Distributors may build as many legs as desired. You are rewarded as your CV, or commissionable volume in each of your teams increase, and you are paid on all legs. There are no structural requirements within each leg. This pay plan uses a sponsorship and placement team. Don’t worry if this stuff doesn’t make sense!


The foundation of Kyani, as with most health and wellness companies, are the health benefits that are boasted from their variety of products, in this case, they fall into the category of a phenolic which falls in line Pomegranates, Acai, etc…There is some scientific merit to these claims, but the jury is certainly still out on products like this, so you have to be careful to not fall into the hype (keep in mind that I am not saying they aren’t good for you!). When considering a health and wellness MLM, you need to prepare yourself for people who are going to be VERY skeptical of what you are offering.

“Triangle of Health”. This is the hallmark of the Kyani product line, and consists of 3 of their products: Sunrise, Sunset and NitroFX.

Kyani Sunrise. this a juice drink that is mainly composed of Wild Alaskan Blueberry (described as a very potent anti-oxidant) but in addition to this, it also contains several other fruits heralded for their health benefits – Red Raspberry, Concord Grapes, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Noni, Aloe Vera, Wolfberry, Grape Seed/Skin, Cranberry, and Bee Pollen. The website promotes this as a simple way to maintain a healthy heart, reduce stress, enhance immunity, boost energy, and improve brain function.

Kyani Sunset. This is a dietary supplement in capsule form (not in the juice seen in the Sunrise) that contains omega-3 from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Also containing high levels of Tocotrienols, the source of Vitamin E. Although the jury is still out on the long-term health outcomes of these supplements, they describe this product to reduce cholesterol, control inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, boost immunity, increase energy, enhance brain function, maintain blood sugar level, and promote healthier hair and skin.

Kyani NitroFX. Nitric Oxide is something that is very familiar to people in body-building as a way to get a better “pump” and is also described as a treatment for certain types of cardiovascular disease. Although not getting at the root cause of CVD as the Sunrise product might, this could be a good supplement to that to help restore normal blood vessel function. They describe this as something that might increase blood flow, boost energy, promote heart health, support immune system, improve sexual health and help with diabetes-type symptoms.

I am a researcher in health and wellness, and I would caution you to make assumptions about the health benefits of a product based solely on what the company describes.

The leadership in Kyani is the next thing for us to consider here, with a focus on the founders.

Kirk Hansen, Chairman

Kirk Hansen is the chairman and seems to have a long-standing role in business. His experience in this way have been a key part of the Kyäni success story. He and his brother Jim spent the majority of their lives expanding their family petroleum business from the ground up into one of the largest privately owned petroleum distributorships in the Western US. In addition, he has also spent a large portion of his life expanding his family’s real estate holdings. Kirk has a hands on approach and he is described as being someone who wants to provide people with the same business opportunity that his parents provided for him, a key reason he was attracted to network marketing in the first place.

Carl Taylor

Carl is from Idaho, and grew up on a family farm, so he is no stranger to hard work. His father started the farm from humble beginnings, however Carl and his brothers have successfully expanded the farm to over 1,500 acres thanks to their hard work and dedication, an aspect that he is likely to bring to the table in Kyani. He is said to be very passionate about the quality of the product and the business opportunity that is available to people, and he wants people to know that the company is here to stay. Carl is a firm believer that his experience in farming will provide great insight for the distributors in Kyani to “provide their own harvest”, so to speak.

Dick & Gayle Powell

Dick seems to be the founder that has the most direct experience in the marketing arena. Although it is tough to say what his history is in network marketing, he build a national franchise chain from scratch with the help of his wife, Gayle. Mastering the principle of duplication, they developed a system for others to own and operate their own business. This seems like it would translate well into network marketing as the “cycle of duplication is key for success here. As the owner and CEO of this multi-million dollar corporation, which encompassed much of the United States, Dick managed accounting, marketing, and operations. With this experience in leadership and business, Dick has used his skills to navigate the start-up of Kyani and provide the foundation for their core products.

So What Does This Mean For You?

If you’re still reading this Kyani Review, it is pretty easy to get excited because it seems to have a great idea behind it, in that it is providing health and wellness products that almost everyone could benefit from, and at the same time, gives you a chance to make money while spreading the word! Sounds great, right? The point that you have to remember moving forward with this company; or any other home-based network marketing company is that your success depends on your ability to build a network.