Is Univera A Scam? Read This Univera Review To Find Out

If you found this Univera review, you are perhaps asking if Univera is a scam or a solid business. A lot of people asked me about this and if they should start a Univera business. This Univera review will make it clear for everybody by looking at four of the criteria to decide if this business opportunity is the one you should start.

1. Univera Company

Univera was founded in 1999 by a Korean businessman named YunHo Lee. It is a Health and Wellness company. He created Univera with a dream of discovering the best in nature and bringing to world. Univera was founded closely after Mr. Lee experienced great results with an unconventional medicine extracted from the Aloe Vera plant. Univera was founded as part of the ECONET, an ECOlogical and ECOnomic global NETwork of companies. It is a multi-level marketing company with many products and distributors worldwide.

2. Univera Products

ECONET and Univera’s ambition was to make the best of nature accessible to the general public. Univera and Unigen (its Research and Development platform), developed many products protected by more than 160 patents. The products revolve around four areas of helping customer