How Computer Users Can Take Care of Their Eye Health?

In today's technical world, hours spend by people in front of computer screens have increased immensely. Now people spend a lot of time in front of laptops and PCs. Specifically people who are working in IT industry and who are internet addicted. Staring at screens for long hours can damage our eyes badly. People can even suffer from visual problems. These problems are not only because of long hours spent before computers but because of their ignorance of their eye health as well.

If we spend a lot of time before computer screens, we should take extra care of our eyes. For effective eye care you just need to make some minor changes in your habits and follow some exercise.

Sit in Right Position

Correct sitting position before computer screen is important not only for our back and wrist but for our eyes as well. Keep an arm's length distance between the monitor and your eyes. Height of your screen should be 20 degrees below that your eye level. It should never be higher than eye level.

Take Care of Room Lighting

Lighting of your room is also an important aspect of proper eye care. Lighting should never create reflection. It happens when light directly falls on the screen or it comes from the back. Use internal or external glare screen and change the settings as per your suitability.

Follow 20/20 Rule

You should follow the 20/20 rule for proper eye care especially when time you spend on screen in very high. To follow this rule look at objects those are 20 feet away after every 20 minutes of working in front of screen. Next thing is to blink your eyes at least 20 times to avoid dry eye problem. This is helpful in changing eye's central length with reduced pain.

Use Anti-Glare Glasses

Anti-glare glasses are used to concentrate on any object. Some physicians give suggestion of using these glasses while working on computers. So if you use glasses get anti-glare coating on them from your optometrist. People who don't use glasses can also use special glasses made of ant-glare if they use computers frequently. This reduces eye problems caused by extreme usage of computers.

Follow Some Exercise

Palming exercise is very good way giving rest to your eyes and this is very easy as well. Just sit straight, rub your palms until they get warm and then cover your eyes with your palms for one minute. This is a good relaxation exercise for both your eyes and elbows. You can repeat this exercise anytime when your eyes feel tired.

Eat Nutritious Diet

Your diet plays an important role in your eye care. So eat food that is good for your eyes like green vegetables and fruits. Nuts and fruits enriched with Vitamin A, C and E like carrot, spinach, tomatoes and almonds etc. Make dairy products part of your daily diet.

Visit Optometrist

Visit your eye doctor at least after every six months and if you are facing some eye problems visit him immediately. Ignorance of minor eye problems can create big problem in future. So to avoid these problems schedule appointment with your ophthalmologist.

Use Tea Bags

You can easily give relaxation to your eyes and can soothe them by using cool tea bags kept in refrigerator. It reduces the puffiness around the eyes. You can do it anytime while sitting in front of the screen only.

Make the above mentioned tips as part of your daily routine to enjoy your work. Working in front of computer for long hours not only affects your eyes but deteriorates your work quality as well. So take care of your eyes and enjoy your work and don't forget your visit to the ophthalmologist for regular checkups.