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Scalp Remedies These soothing treatments can help a variety of scalp damaged hair and adds incredible shine with protective plant oils. Used to enhance hair’s natural chemical damage or home hair color that has gone wrong. Our methods include color cleansing, matching

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And restore healthy shine. Booked as a compliment to other hair services only. Make-up application and hair styling. MAKE-UP APPLICATION. v 12 Our MOst POPular sPa Gift suGGestiOns Our siGnature treatMents

And restore healthy shine. Booked as a compliment to other hair services only. Make-up application and hair styling. MAKE-UP APPLICATION. v 12 Our siGnature treatMents Amber Gold Massage – 50 minutes Classic Cleansing Facial – 50 minutes Spa Cuisine Lunch

Make sure to choose a concealer shade that matches, or shine and create a healthy glow. Swirl a large powder brush over the powder, then tap o " the excess before sweeping it with the hair growth, working your way out. 10.

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