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VA Hospital-UCSF Marian Kerbleski, R.N. (415) 221-4810 Ext. 3759 steroids, tattoos or piercing, home remedies, vitamins etc… Things that involve blood or needle exposure. • Medical A blood transfusion before 1992 or any • Itchy skin • “Brain fog” HCV IS NOT SPREAD BY

Life PLANET HOME KITCHEN HERBS THAT BY CYNTHIA BARSTOW ILLUSTRATIONS BY TIM COOK These easy-to-grow flavor boosters double as health remedies—and you dont even need a garden;

As itchy, watery, red eyes, sneez-ing and runny nose, particularly in the spring and fall? If so, Va. When guests and staff at the historic home complain of being visited

Itchy moles (pp 14, 15, 65, 66) for Eradication in a Nursing Home ..p22 Head Lice Chinese herbal remedies: of little use in weepy eczema. Six monthly full blood counts and liver function tests recommended,

To the scalp.3 Myth: Swimming pools can spread lice. Fact: Myth: If your head isn’t itchy, you don’t have lice. Fact: Itching, Myth: You can use home remedies like mayonnaise to get rid of head lice. Fact:

home remedies for dry flaky dandruff or home remedies for oily dandruff , virgin olive oil.Hair Loss Remedies & Itchy Burning ScalpTea-tree oil has been your scalp.Natural Hair Loss Remedies & Herbal Medicinal TeasHerb teas made from

Cradle cap Cradle Cap is the vulgar name for infantile seborrhoeic eczema. The cause is unknown. The baby’s scalp becomes pink and scaly, and greasy yellow crusts

• Itchy scalp or tickling feeling in your hair Spreads through head-to-head con-tact and by touching personal items like hats, scarves, and combs • • Medicine applied to the scalp Wash clothing, combs, bedding, and other personal items

However, an itchy scalp also may be caused by eczema, dandruff, or an allergy to hair products. How do you check for head lice? • Seat your child in a brightly lit room. Note: Home remedies like using petroleum jelly, mayonnaise, tub margarine,

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