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“Fire Ant Home Remedies – What Works, What Doesn’t” will be archived and avail-able for watching later Tawny crazy ants and Argentine ants don’t sting, but their large colonies are definitely annoy-ing. Learn how these ants live and how to control them. Hosted by ACES Regional

For outdoor use on home lawns, in-ground utility boxes, pedestal boxes, above-ground transformers, Crazy Ants. COCKROACHES: Asian, American, Brown, Brown Banded, Limitation of Remedies The exclusive remedy for losses or damages resulting from this product

Alejandro Calixto Bart Drees Roger Gold Danny McDonald, Department of Entomology Texas A&M University Darwin, 27 April 2010 Current Status of the Invasive Rasberry

Red imported fire ants- testing of home remedies or other products as treatments. Community wide fire ant management demonstrations- I can supply product and application equipment. Rasberry Crazy Ant Identification, Prevention,

Crazy Ants Paratrechina longicornis, P. bourbonica, and P. pubens P. longicornis Foraging Characteristics: Medium-sized reddish-brown, grayish to blackish ant. Workers of any one species all similar in size. Run erratically and quickly. Long and

Rasberry crazy ants often occur in tremendous numbers and display supercolony characteristics in which individual colonies do not exhibit mutual aggression toward one another. Individual colonies are . Midsouth Entomologist 3 45

Yellow crazy ants are an introduced species of tramp ant, thought to originate in Africa. The name ‘crazy ant’ refers . to the ants’ erratic walking style and frantic movements,

3 a small amount of bait where ants are present and simply observing whether the ants will feed on it. Generally, baits are formulated for protein-feeders,

Crazy ants (Paratrechina spp.) Cosmopolitan; native species in CA and intercepted in shipments from HI, FL, and Puerto Rico. Hosts: Colonies nest in soil, rotten wood on trees and bromeliads; intercepted in

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