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Home Phone: (_____)_____ Cell Phone: Are you taking any medication (prescription or over-the-counter), home remedies, vitamins, minerals, Bloody stools Sinusitis

Ears/Nose/Throat/Mouth Difficulty hearing Ringing in ears Hay fever/allergies Painful/bloody urination Leaking urine Nighttime urination Discharge- penis/vagina home remedies, herbal supplements, birth control pills, ayurvedic prescriptions, etc.

Cures and Home Remedies 52. Eat snake meat and you will know no illness (2). To cure a bloody nose put vinegar up the nose and the bleeding will stop (5).

5 decongestants for stuffy nose and cold relief 6 fever reducers for both children and adults If home remedies aren’t effective in preventing an infection or easing • cloudy or bloody urine • foul smelling urine Sources: niddk.nih.gov,

Emergency phone numbers should be clearly posted where medication is given in centers and in the family child care home. The Food and Drug (such as cleaning cuts and scratches or bloody noses) if they have ever been asked to give non-essential, off-label, or folk remedies and how they

Metritis, placentitis leading to septicemia and death acute enteritis, bloody/mucoid diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting. headache, muscle and joint pain Colibacillosis fecal-oral, direct contact “white scours”/diarrhea.

Chicken Soup Remedies paying all these years now comes home to roost. As this account is being written, the replacement of the plumbing mending her little boy’s skinned elbows and bloody noses that bothered me most, but I was willing to “pay

Infections, bloody noses, In many cases these houses have serious problems and these folks are looking for remedies. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Commissioner Chaney (MS): Home not so sweet home,

Home Depot and Wal-Mart have both fought to keep confidential information about injured-shopper cases. Remedies . Potentially Amusement park rides cause injuries far more serious than bloody noses, including broken limbs and ribs,

Your family members wear? 14. Home Remedies/First Aide: burns, cuts/scrapes, bloody nose, colds, puking, diarrhea

A bit yucky when you blow your nose after each rinse, but it’s worthsick. Lavender & Olive Oil Headache Remedy: My final simple solution for the me a great home remedy for migraines

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Try to treat yourself at home instead of goingdischarge This is the remedy for surprise Flu. All. Acid snot; red nose from it. Thirsty but onlyto touch Snot may be bloody Worse from motion

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