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Curing Olives—Where can I find lye? It is the time of year that many people cure their own olives. For many years those preparing home-cured olives have relied on Red Devil™ 100% lye drain cleaner to cure their olives. This product is no longer available.

ABC’s of Home-Cured, Green-Ripe Olives Pick olives for home-curing at the green or straw-colored stage. Do not use black-ripe fruit; it becomes too soft during lye treatment.

Common curing processes include brine, dry salt, water or lye. Different varieties of olives respond to different curing techniques. Arbequina is an olive traditionally used for oil production; it does not have a Home Cured Olives Author:

The most suitable olives for home canning include the lye-cured and lye-cured fer-mented olives, such as Green olives, Dark ripe style olives, and Spanish-style green olives. Prepare these olives according to the instructions provided earlier in this pub-

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Lindsay® California Green Ripe Olives The Green Olive that's nothing like you'd expect! Unlike their tart Spanish Green cousins and more like their mellow

Marinated Arbequina Olives Here’s a simple recipe that you can use to cure your Arbequina olives. It’s easily done with very little equipment, and the olives can be processed in small batches.

Use straight-up lye. Ask your extension agent (if you live on California olive country) about home curing, and that's the method they'll give

The variety usually shipped to the East Coast for making home-cured olives. Originally from Tunisia. Cured olives have a delicate, subtle, lightly salty, nut-like flavor. Usually salt-brine cured. Popular in gourmet and specialty markets.

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Commercial olives. Commercial olives are soaked in an alkaline solution (lye) to remove the bitterness. The home-cured ones require nothing

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