Health at Every Age

Over the years due to stress, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and irregular sleep patterns people are no longer healthy after the age of 30. Cases of hear attacks are now being reported where patients are as young as 26. Knee and back problems have become a common feature amongst the working class due to bad postures and very little or no physical activity. As one grows older, the problems only worsen. At the age of 50 most are saddled with diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes. After a person crosses a certain age, it becomes vital for them to consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals and get regular exercise to keep health problems at bay.

At the age of 40 people would still like to believe they are as fit as they were at the age of 25. The same holds true when they cross 50. However reality is far from what they perceive. Most health problems we start to experience after the age of 50 are in actuality not age related. They’re usually caused by the disuse or non use of body muscles and joints. Recent studies have shown that inactivity doubles the risk of our ability to be mobile as we age. On the other hand, vigorous activity has the opposite effect. Regular exercise has proven to show marked improvements in cognitive activities and helps keeping diseases like amnesia at bay. Regular physical activity improves blood circulation and delays the ageing process. On the other hand an unhealthy diet and irregular sleep patterns causes fatigue and a suppressed immune system. Constantly being in a highly stressful environment is responsible for many women approaching menopause as early as at the age of 30.

A diet rich with fresh vegetables, fruits, antioxidants and vitamins not only improves your health but also increase your life expectancy. Food rich in iron like leafy vegetables, black strap molasses and beans are essential for women, where as zinc and selenium rich food help men maintain a healthy prostate. Nuts, seeds, dry fruits, and whole grain items are a good source of nutrition. Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium are important to consume in order to maintain bone density. Other vital dietary components to keep ailments like dementia at bay are fatty acids found in food containing good fat like whole wheat bread, oily fish, flax and hemp seeds and cheese. Soybean helps reduce weight and maintain a healthy digestive system along with controlling mood swings and hot flashes in menopausal women.

As we get older, maintaining good health garners more and more importance. In our busy schedules we may not always find the time to include all the essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. In such cases a healthy alternative is the consumption of supplements on likes of Hexagon’s Geria Goldor Ostreio- Bioflex. These supplements help bridge the gaps for when our nutrition intake has suffered. It helps us rectify the mistakes we have made earlier and ensures we have a healthy and disease free future. The consumption of these supplements after a certain age becomes essential as our bodies require a little help to be able to cope with the unhealthy environment we live in. Start before its too late, reverse the process of ageing by simply consuming a supplement that best suits your needs.