Good News For Fish Oil Health

Are you frustrated by the amount if conflicting information on fish oil health? Well let me set you straight with the essential health benefits and how to select the best one.

Many of the amazing health benefits have been known for years, but more are emerging all the time, no wonder experts advise taking a capsule daily to prevent disease. The main benefit is prevention of heart attacks and strokes, saving thousands of lives every year.

The two main omega-3 fatty acids responsible for this are DHA and EPA. As our brain is made up of 60% fats, half of that being DHA omega-3, you can see how important the fish oil health benefits are!

Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it is very successful in treating arthritis and also many skin ailments like acne and psoriasis. Recent studies show how it can help to keep our brains healthy and functioning correctly, and how they can help with the symptoms of ADHD and Autism in children.

In addition it can lower your bad cholesterol levels, lower high blood pressure and is showing promise in the fight against breast cancer too. The list is endless and it’s not hard to see why a world authority on omega-3 recently said that consuming more omega-3 fats is probably the single most important dietary change that most people could ever make to improve their health.

It is estimated that 90% of people are not receiving enough, leaving us exposed to many potentially life-threatening diseases unnecessarily.

The fish oil health benefits are clear to see with many more being discovered all the time, so if you decide to include it, here are some simple tips to select the best.

Look for fish oils from a sustainable source and species rich in omega-3 like Hoki and Tuna and taken from the cleanest waters possible like the southern ocean of New Zealand.

Ensure that the DHA and EPA content are clearly shown, with the DHA amount being the most important. To ensure purity make sure it has been molecularly distilled to remove all the impurities, this is also known as pharmaceutical grade oil too.

Since the fish oil health benefits are so vital to our well-being, why not make it a point to include one in your daily diet to help you maintain optimum health.

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