Eye Health, Don’t Be Blind to the Possible Problems of Your Eyes and Vision

Have you had an eye health exam lately?


Most eye professionals agree that at least once a year we all should have our eyes and vision checked. During these exams our vision is checked and the doctor will look deep into our eyes for sign of bleeding and/or problems with our eye structure and the health of our cornea.

All of these items are extremely important to our overall eye health and need to be addressed by your eye professional.

Another equally important component of your eye health is the nutritional support that the eye needs to be healthy. Unfortunately, today most people do not include enough of the key nutritional components to keep your eyes healthy and strong.

While there are some differences of opinion as to how much lutein and other vitamins and minerals it is clear, research has shown that getting the correct balance of lutein, and other essential vitamins and minerals will help keep your eyes strong, healthy and your vision clearer as you age.

Age related macular degeneration is the number one cause of blindness in adults today, it is no coincidence that the standard American diet is highly deficient in fresh fruits, vegetables and other key foods that help support your body and your overall health. A good diet of fresh foods and vegetables along with a daily supplement that is high in lutein and rich in essential vitamins and minerals will help keep your vision crystal clear for all ages. So go get an Eye exam and protect your vision by getting enough lutein in your diet.