Eye Care in Ayurveda


Not many people know there is a specialized branch in Ayurveda that deals with eye care. Eye care or netra chikitsa comes in Shalakya Tantra (Urdhwanga chikitsa in Malayalam), one among the eight branches of Ayurveda.

Shalakya tantra is Ayurvedic equivalent of ENT. It deals with all diseases affecting parts above neck. Ancient Ayurvedic texts describe 76 types of eye diseases. Though there are not cure to all of the diseases, there are solid directions to effectively manage any eye condition and manage better eyesight.

Here are some eye care habits you can follow to better manage your eye health.

The first principle is not to stare at any object for long times or don’t try to figure out a distant object in such a way that you tire your eyes. Blinking of eye is a natural process and don’t suppress the feeling to blink your eyes.

Don’t attempt reading or watching TV in dim light or too bright light (bright sunlight).

Being part of your body, your eyes too require rest. Don’t cut in on the time to sleep.

Splash your eyes with fresh water early in the morning and several times in the day.

Staring computer screen for longer hours is a recipe for eye fatigue. Take a break from your job every 30 minutes. Close your eyes for a few seconds or take a small walk.


Food items rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin A is necessary to maintain good eye health. Carrot and other colored vegetables are good sources of vitamin A. Apples, chick peas, radish, whole wheat bread, etc too are good for eyes.

Drink lot of water during the day time. Don’t allow dehydration to happen. It tires your eyes, just as it does to your body.