Exhibitor Show Highlights at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2012

(PRWEB) March 22, 2012

London, UK: Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show returns to Olympia, London, next month, on 1-2 April 2012, with over 600 exhibitors from all around the world. The UK’s biggest showcase of natural, organic, Fairtrade, free-from, sustainable, and eco-friendly products, the following is just a taste of some of the latest innovations being introduced at this year’s event.

Natural Living Exhibitor Show Highlights

Sarah Smith (Severn Delta Limited, stand 1035) has chosen Natural & Organic Products Europe 2012 to launch its new Eco-Cloths, using recycled and sustainable fibres. Famous for their colourful designs, Sarah Smith cloths have appeared on Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals, on ITV’s Ade in Britain and in the kitchen of River Cottage. Sarah Smith Eco-Cloths are the only cleaning cloths to be Oekotex certified free from substances harmful to humans and the environment. The range includes orangutan-friendly palm oil free household wipes. The range is British-made, reducing transport miles, safeguarding local jobs and ensuring British quality.

Natracare – Bodywise (UK) Ltd (stand 2100) is passionate about making their products ever more relevant for women seeking the healthiest and most eco-friendly hygiene products. For this reason they have redesigned their Natracare Maxi Pads. Still biodegradable and compostable and made from totally chlorine-free, plastic-free natural materials the Maxis now have a certified organic cotton cover like the rest of the Natracare range. The Maxi’s thick, soft, absorbent core made from totally chlorine free pulp, offers women unbeatable security. The upgraded Super, Regular and Night Time Maxis are now packed in compact compostable bags, whilst the improved Maternity pad remains in its recognisable New Mother packaging made from only recycled card.

Japanese fashion specialist Kokoro Japan (stand 1012) launches the ‘haramaki’ tummy wrap at this year’s show. Based on traditions dating back to Japan’s 12th century Samurai warriors, the haramaki is fun, warm and an ideal year-round accessory for exercise, leisure and relaxation. Made from closely-ridged layers of 97% cotton and 3% polyurethane, the cosy haramaki keep core body temperature warm, which in turn helps hands and feet stay warm, however chilly it might be outside. Although it’s new to Europe, it’s a style of dress that has found favour in Japan for many hundreds of years. Versions for women and men are now available, with a child version being introduced later in April 2012.

For centuries shoes have not only been protection for our feet, but have also become an essential element of our appearance. NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes (stand 1054) are manufactured in Italy by traditional handcraft factories with excellent workmanship, and have the classic Italian-style famous all over the world for its fashion, quality and comfort. For the sake of the planet and of the animals, NOAH Shoes are manufactured with valuable Microfibre instead of leather. The combination of the best materials and the long experience in the making of shoes, offers an animal-friendly and environment-friendly shoe of high quality and fashion. The ‘Judith’ shoe has been entered into this year’s New Product Showcase.

The Bio-D Company Limited, the UK’s foremost manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound and hypo-allergenic products, will be launching new anti-bacterial cleaners that don’t cost the earth (stand 2033). It will also launch a new range of anti-bacterial products that are proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and are effective against MRSA, Salmonella and E-Coli. The range includes 500ml Anti Bacterial Hand Wash – an ethical and effective wash that leaves the skin supple and soft (supplied in a pump dispenser to minimise waste); 500ml Anti Bacterial Multi-Purpose Spray; and 500ml Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner. Bio-D’s new anti-bacterial range is hypoallergenic and made without petrochemicals or synthetic dyes or perfumes.

Earth Friendly Products, producers of the award winning range of sustainable, plant-based cleaning and laundry products, are delighted to announce that all products made for Europe are now Certified Carbon Neutral; achieved largely by their dedication to solar powered production. On their stand 3013, they will showcase an exciting label refresh for their entire green cleaning range and several new products, including ECOS 2in1 Laundry Liquid refills and 210 wash size; Concentrated Lemon Floor Cleaner; and Baby Stain & Odour Remover. John Vlahakis, founder of Earth Friendly Products, environmentalist author and photographer will be giving away 400 signed copies of Green Bites – his book about how we can all make a positive change to address environmental issues.

Bentley Organic (stand 1030) have launched a new Toilet Cleaner within their household cleaning range. Made with 70% Organic Ingredients, it kills 99.9% of household germs. You’d be surprised at how many other home cleaners leave nasty chemicals behind, which can have a negative impact on you and the planet! Available in 1 litre bottles, it contains no bleach, phosphates or sulphates, and is proven to kill E-coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Its anti-bacterial formula leaves toilet hygienically clean. It has no impact on watercourse – the fish are safe! Its Thixotropic formulation gives ease of use and thickness on impact, and it is readily and rapidly biodegradable.

The monthly misery of period pains, cramps and discomfort that many women experience could become a thing of the past with one simple change – switching to using Femmecup menstrual cup in place of disposable tampons and pads (stand 2057). Femmecup menstrual cup is an award winning reusable alternative to tampons and pads made in the UK. Worn internally like a tampon; Femmecup collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. Femmecup has quantified the percentage of women who experience an improvement in cramps when they switch to using a menstrual cup and it is a massive 38.7% (135 menstrual cup users surveyed October 2010). Femmecup also offers women a healthier, lower cost, greener, more convenient and discreet sanitary protection option that is fast becoming the popular choice.

Health & Nutrition Exhibitor Show Highlights

Sci-MX Nutrition (stand 4026) will be launching two new product ranges at the show. Sci-MX PROTEIN DUO™ BARS are a convenient and delicious high protein impulse snack, with 20g of gradual-release protein to feed muscles for up to 8 hours. With a light, ‘melt in the mouth’ texture and sugar-free Belgian chocolate coating, they come in three delicious, unique dual flavour combinations – Strawberry & Cream, Caramel & Vanilla and Chocolate & Orange. Sci-MX PRO-GO™ high protein ready-to-drink (RTD) shakes are a convenient, on-the-go drink, with 35g of high quality protein per 500ml bottle. Two great flavours – Chocolate and Strawberry – make PRO-GO™ an easy to drink protein source any time of day, and it offers great value vs. competitor products for retailers and consumers alike.

Swisse, Australia’s number one health and well-being brand is set to launch globally in 2013 – bringing their commitment to providing natural health for everyone to the world! The Swisse exhibit at stand 3012 is based on Swisse’s philosophy of ‘Health & Happiness’ and is the first international launch of their best-selling, premium quality products. This special launch will also feature guest appearances from internationally renowned Australians (and Swisse Ambassadors) – 2011 Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans, and Commonwealth Games gold medalist and Australian Swim Team member, Geoff Huegill. Both are also the face of Swisse’s 2012 London Olympics promotional campaign. Swisse is a true Australian success story, delivering premium quality natural health and wellbeing products to Australian’s for over 50 years.

BetterYou (stand 4040H) is proud to announce the launch of its pioneering new DLux range of oral vitamin D sprays formulated for everyone worried about sunlight deprivation. Vitamin D, which is becoming recognised as this and future generations most important vitamin, is a natural aid to bone and teeth health and helps to support the immune system. DLux is available in a range of dosage strengths for the entire family and ensures optimum absorption into the bloodstream, delivering the vitamin faster and more conveniently than tablets. DLux contains 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for those on a vegetarian, diabetic and coeliac diet.

Natupharma are a Danish company who will be launching their brand Fitness Pharma in the UK at the show (stand 4058). The Fitness Pharma brand has two ranges – the Handy Range and the Complete Range. Retailers who sign up to stock the ranges at this year’s show will benefit from an array of marketing that will take place throughout 2012, but most notably Fitness Pharma will be giving away a Fiat 500c to one lucky customer who enters a code from any product purchased – obviously this is sure to drive footfall to the retailers.

Max B is the flagship product for Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) in Europe (stand 5080A). They will be exhibiting Max B and introducing others from the PR Labs range at the show. QNL’s products are unique, being cultivated from live probiotic sources, rather than via the traditional manufacturing processes. Max B is the first of the next generation of supplements, providing end-chain nutrients directly usable by the body. Research has shown that many people lack the enzymes required to reduce certain B vitamins to their active forms. Max B delivers the readily absorbable reduced forms in an easy to take liquid. In short, it is an industry first.

Forvivo announces the launch of Eyesiccal, the natural solution for dry eyes! Eyesiccal (stand 1015) is a sterile, single-use, convenient eye drop that contains only herbal active constituents and mineral salts to provide for a refreshing, isotonic solution. Eyesiccal’s blend of ingredients includes Euphrasia, Chamomile and Arnica, combined to form a synergistic solution that will protect, lubricate and soothe irritated and dry eyes. Eyesiccal provides a welcome relief to dry eyes caused by several factors including seasonal allergies. Eyesiccal is set for launch in spring 2012 as an approved medical device and because it’s preservative-free, it is ideal for contact lens wearers.

TerraNova (stand 4008) is truly thriving this year and the range has almost doubled in product lines since last year’s show. Stephen Terrass, the company’s founder, will be on hand to talk through the range of products, as well as introduce the new lines, in particular Life Drink; an intensely nourishing holistic lifestyle drink blend pack with the following ingredients – Pea and Rice Proteins, Rice Bran Actives, Spirulina and Chlorella, 10 Power-Greens, 10 Power-Berries, Power-Mushrooms, Omega 3, 6, 9 Oils, 7 Digestive Enzymes, 5 Probiotic Strains and Prebiotic Fibre.

Nutri Limited, the number one choice for sustainable omega-3 fish oils in the health food market are pleased to announce that visitors will be able to sample a brand new range of Multivitamin and Mineral Formulas (Men’s, Women’s and Pregnancy) at the show this year (stand 3036). Remember, Eskimo-3 is the most pure and stable fish oil on the market thanks to the pufanox