Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer

Before a writer can sit down and write a news story, the writer must first be able to differentiate between the different types of news.

It may seem like everything is news, because on a daily basis we are inundated with “news” from the morning newspaper, the TV, the Internet, and the radio. Some of what is being written and broadcast is newsworthy, some is not.

It is important to know the different types of news before sitting down to write a news article. Knowing which types of news articles fall into thedifferent categories will help writers determine which types of new they enjoy writing, are the best at writing, and the type of media outlets which may be interested in their news articles.

Different Types of News

The different types of news include general news, political news, business news, regional news, entrainment news, niche-oriented news (health, science, technology), crime reporting, and sensationalism.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: General

General news is news that appeals to the general population. General news articles appeal to the general population because the effects of these general news events will have wide or deep impact on the lives of average people.

General news is a well-bred mix of news that people need to know and want to know. General news can include any combination of the following types of news, as long as its effects are felt wide and far, and is informational.

For the general populous, general news is easy to digest. Just because general news is easy to digest, does not mean that every beginning writer will find writing general news articles easy. General news article writers need to be able to write to a population with a reading education of high school or lower. The general news article writer needs to be able to write without the use of jargon and insider industry terms.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Political

Political news has always had a place in the garden of news. Political news could also be included as part of the general news category. While political remains popular, because of its controversial nature,political news has also spawned many niche news markets.

Political news is about people, and the how those people make decisions that affect the lives of everyone else.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Business

Business news remains a popular type of news because business affects our lives and our livelihoods. Business news tells us about the state of the economy, our stocks, our products, and our work places.

Some places to find business news include the business section of major and local newspapers, The Wall Street Journal, and magazines like Fast Company andBusiness Week,

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Regional News

Regional news has limited national appeal. For writers interested in covering their town or city, or geographic region of the country, consider writing for media outlets that are regionally set.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Entertainment News

If you are seeking to write entertainment, and base articles around celebrity and entertainment new, you will have a lot of company. Entertainment news is a popular area for news writers.Fortunately, there is also a huge demand for it.

Is entertainment news writing for you? Entertainment news writing is best suited to anyone who has connections or lives in an entertainment-rich area.

Entertainment news is also for any news writer who likes to write features, profiles and interview celebrities.

Any writer who can bring a fresh perspective to entertainment news will find a following. Choose an entertainment topic that interests you and become and expert.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Niche Reporting

Niche news includes many topics. Popular niche news topics: health, science, technology, women’s, children’s and travel. Each of those topics has its own sub-topics.

Writers in these and other topics, will need to become masters of their domain, and have a solid background in their topic.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Crime Reporting

Crime reporting is not the type of news that should be taken on lightly. Crime reporting should be written using good taste, ethics, a sense of respect for the crime victims and their families. Crime reporting should not be gory, or gross.

Unseasoned news writers who attempt to write about crimes often end up in a bad place called Sensationalism.

Different Types of News for the Beginning News Writer: Sensationalism

There is a definite line between some crime news and sensationalism that has become increasingly blurred in the last decade, thanks to TV news magazines, the tabloid press, the Internet, and Court TV.

Because of TV news shows and magazines, infotainment has become the Jack in the Beanstock of news. It may be big, and tower over the rest of the news vines, and everyone may be clamouring to climb it, but that does not make it real news.

Another type of information dissemination posing as news is more aptly called sensationalism. Sensationalism are those stories that go viral, because they areunbelievable or sensational in some way. They often involve extreme acts of violence of bizarre behavior. They are humanity at their worst.

Sensationalism has obviously found its seat comfortably among the other news outlets. Sensationalism is appropriate for tabloid style press, in print, and online. TV news likes to toss in some sensationalism into their nightly news. Sensationalism media outlets are out-of-control weeds in the news garden.

Learn to distinguish the difference between sensationalism and news. Does the information just seek to thrill, titillate, or to shock? Does it lack social or redeeming value? Yes to those questions will let you know you may be helping to spread the seeds of sensationalism.

Determine which types of news interest you and suit your news writing skills. Mold writing skills to fit that particular type of news. Knowing your strengths and interests in news writing will help you focus your news articles, and help you hone in on the right types of markets for your news articles.