Carpet Cleaner Home Remedies

A carpet cleaner used Prochem’s “named product” to clean my carpets and now I am REMEDIES: Bacteria may have set in causing the odour. I’m cleaning a nursing home.

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Alternatives include an enzyme cleaner, Boric Acid and water solution, Dawn soap solution, NATURAL REMEDIES There are some natural non-toxic alternatives that may be beneficial; replacing all the carpet in our home with tile and hard wood, making sure all holes in the eaves are

Home remedies failed you? Tired of cleaning your carpet yourself, or hiring it done, only to have the odors return? Worse yet, are you your carpet cleaner, your coworkers and your Facebook friends all about it like so many others

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An Experienced Carpet Cleaner Home remedies failed you? Tired of cleaning your carpet, only to have the odors return? Worse yet, are you thinking about getting rid of your pet because of indiscriminate urination? If you’re shaking your

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