Best Natural Health Magazines

Natural health is gaining more and more popularity in the public consciousness as doing good things for our bodies is becoming mainstream. From organic foods and lifestyle to buying products locally, natural health magazines help to steer you in the right direction of good health. Here are some suggestions for some great magazines to get some more information about healthy lifestyles.

Natural health magazines need to start with the obvious choice, Natural Health Magazine. From advice on eating healthier, exercise, yoga, health issues, and green living, Natural Health Magazine has a myriad of freelance writers who contribute on a wide range of topics. Find recipes for cooking with organic food and for healthier eating in general. Natural Health Magazine isn’t just for eating better, it is for an entire lifestyle change whether you go organic one step at a time or all at once.

Delicious Living is a magazine that leans more towards the higher end consumer and the business side of natural health. How-to sections are included in Delicious Living as is a family section that deals with getting the entire family involved in living healthier and in tune with the human body’s natural tendencies. Again, this magazine is more about a lifestyle than it is simply buying organic food and new cleaning supplies.

Natural Solutions Magazine deals more with maintaining a healthy body as opposed to a completely organic lifestyle. Focusing on women’s health issues, Natural Solutions is about keeping your body healthy without necessarily using modern medicine or modern drugs. This includes eating healthy, getting exercise, nutritional supplements, and tips for healing yourself through alternative therapies.

Alive magazine’s motto is “Live naturally, live well.” As with other health magazines, Alive promotes an entire lifestyle and not just organic foods. Not only does Alive give suggestions for alternative therapies, but the magazine also discusses symptoms of diseases and disorders and why certain therapies work and others do not. Find events and seminars to attend hosted by health experts from around the world. Discuss topics on their forum on the website and connect with other readers such as yourself.

Green Living magazine has tips on saving the earth, eating healthy, and doing things to lower your carbon footprint to have less of an impact on your environment. From choosing how to transport yourself when you travel to how to make going to the hospital better for the environment, Green Living provides practical tips that are sometimes simple and other times philosophical to lean your life towards a healthier outcome.