Benefits Of Relaxation For Children

Here are some of the many benefits.

Benefits for your child’s body

1 helps release endorphins, a natural chemical that makes you feel happy

2 helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system

3 helps boost the immune system

4 helps promote general good health

5 helps children sleep

Benefits for your child’s mind

6 helsp calm and clear your child’s mind

7 sharpens concentration

8 helps promote positive thinking

9 helps memory retention

10 decreases mental tension

11 reducesstress and anxiety in children

Benefits for your child’s emotional wellbeing

12 helps develop children’s self- confidence

13 helps develop children’s self- esteem

14 improves emotional health and literacy

15 helps develop children’s imagination creativity and self-expression

With so many benefits for your child, dont delay! Play or read one of the Relax Kids books or CDs to your child and let them reap all the benefits.