Active Health With Carol Vorderman (DS) – Hire Your Personal Fitness Coach

Active Health with Carol Vorderman is a Health and Fitness software for video games consoles. It comes packed with a smooth and glossy, specifically designed pedometer, called an Activity Meter, which checks our activities done throughout the day. It looks very compact as it can be placed in our bag or pocket. Carol offers the users with a daily step target and at the end of each day task, they can simply direct the Activity Meter at the Nintendo DS and with one click of the button their data will be sent to the DS by infrared signal.

Apart from the daily target, additional activities can also be entered into the software so that if the users go for a long walk, a swim, or do some gardening, it will all be added towards their daily activity goal. They can store their Wii Fit activities into this Active Health console for maintaining track over extra exercises that are completed on the Wii.

Once the goal is completed, users can earn incentive points by maintaining exercise levels and selecting healthy food options as part of their diet programme. If the points are earned, additional features such as new background music and images become accessible.

Active Health Carol Vorderman also provides a variety of fun mini-games help to motivate users in keeping their body fit. It also enables the users to keep track over their salt, sugar and fat consumption. In short, Active Health with Carol Vorderman is a simple and motivating way to move our days with a healthier lifestyle.