A Guide to Temporary Health Insurance

There are times in our lives that we are without health insurance. People lose health insurance all the time for various reasons. Some lose their insurance due to being laid off from their jobs and some simply can’t afford the cost of insurance. College students also buy temporary insurance because they tend something to cover them while they are looking for a career. Whatever the reason, it is unnerving to know that you are not insured. Think about it, all it takes is one minor accident to send you to the hospital. If you break your leg skiing and go to the emergency room, the hospital bill is going to be outrageously huge (if you don’t have health insurance).

There are some temporary health insurance options in order to cover catastrophic accidents that could leave you paying hospital bill for a very long time. Catastrophic insurance means that the insurance will cover you in the effect that something extremely horrible happens to you. Temporary insurance is not as comprehensive as full insurance that is typically provided by an employer, but it works in a pinch. Temp insurance does not cover dental, vision, check-ups and physicals.

How long does temporary insurance last? Short term insurance can last from a minimum of a month all the way up to a maximum of 6 months. What types of temporary insurance companies are available on the market? Most major insurance carriers offer short-term insurance and will be able to provide instant quotes once you enter some personal information about yourself. Websites such as ehealthinsurance.com provide comprehensive quotes from a variety of insurance providers. The quotes provided are usually broken out by the monthly fee associated with each insurance company. There are a variety of payment options that you will notice when surfing through the variety of quotes.

Typically, the rates are based on the deductible, the amount of the co-payment and the percentage paid after the deductible. The monthly rate will be higher if the deductible is lower and whether there’s a co-pay associated with hospital visits. You can get cheap temporary health insurance by purchasing the cheapest monthly fee (this is the most affordable option), however, expect to pay a large amount of money if something awful happens to you (it’s still better than not having any insurance). Usually the cheapest option will require that you pay a percentage of the total bill and a deductible. Temporary insurance can be paid on a monthly basis or in one lump sum. The lump sum option will be considerably less than the monthly payment option. Remember that some people will not be able to receive short-term health insurance due to being heavy smokers and pre-existing conditions.


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