Choose natural antibiotics for a Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections are very common and in the majority of cases, the infection is mild but uncomfortable. Woman are more likely than men to contract the infection and it can come from many sources. UTI’s usually affect the bladder and urethra whereas more serious cases can spread to the ureters and kidneys.

While the urinary system does have its own natural defense system against UTI’s, there are plenty of causes to increasing your chances of being infected. Sexual activity, a weak immune system or other health issues with your kidneys or prostate can lead to picking up a urinary tract infection. When estrogen levels drop for women during the menopause, the urinary tract has less defense against these infection and therefore, infection rates are much higher.

Since the 1940’s, antibiotics have been used and worked very well. In many cases, antibiotics cleared up a UTI within a couple of days. However, the over-usage of medicinal antibiotics can brought more potent infections. Bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics is appearing more often and can attack our immune systems and leave it weakened. There are safer options for people with UTI’s as there are several natural antibiotics available that can work just as well, if not better.

If you are interested in looking at some natural options to fight the infection, here are a few that can be of help:

One of the most common used natural antibiotics is Echinacea. Taken as treatment for many ailments such as the common cold and flu, echinacea can also be used very effectively against urinary tract infection. The echinacea works by pushing our immune system to start fighting the infection while the many vitamins start working as antioxidants to reduce inflammation during the course of the infection.

in the last few years, Alfalfa juice has become more available as many people find out about its benefits. Alfalfa is a wonderful natural treatment for the function of the kidneys and functions as an antioxidant to increase kidney function.

Another well-known treatment for urinary tract infections is Cranberry juice. As the acidity level increases within the urinary tract, hampers any bacteria or germs that want to attach to the urinary tract.

Goldenseal is another potent natural antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infections. Goldenseal holds an active ingredient, berberine, that fights against bacteria and has demonstrated that it can stop bacteria from sticking to the urinary walls.

Kelp is one of the strongest natural antibiotics due to its very high levels of Iodine. The iodine can fight infections and has been used for centuries in Asian countries as treatment for urinary tract infections.

Oregano oil is part of Mediterranean culture and has been so for many years. Studies into the health benefits of oregano oil have proved that it is very effective against urinary tract infections. Additionally, it also contains properties that aid the protection of the kidneys and battling against infections.

The benefits of natural antibiotics cover many other viruses and diseases. In fact, there are many other natural treatment that can be used for urinary tract infections.