Do Home Remedies Really Work?

What are home remedies? Home remedies are nothing but something that can cure you simply with the things and natural food items available in our kitchen closet. Home

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remedies are a kind of first aid therapy to the body. Something that we all can try at home and get good results.

We can just forget the doctor for a while and believe in the words of our old grannies who have transferred us the simple knowledge of making safe treatment for some simple ailments sitting within the premises of our home at anytime of the day and don’t need to bother the doctor for simple problems like cold, cough, gastric pain.

Home remedies for Stomach disorder

– For gastric pain –Boil Jeera powder-1/2 spoon, Ajwain -1/2, Sauf -1/2 spoon, Mint leaves-6-7 leaves in one glass water and when ½ glass remains. Drink that sip by sip and the pain is gone.
– Just take hing-1/4 spoon with luke warm water and pain is gone.
– For acidity drink coconut water.
– For constipation -boil 2 dates in milk at night and drink that milk. It is a mild laxative.
– Take figs at night. it is also a good laxative and easy home remedy
– For loose motions drink Souf water every 2 hours.
– Again for smelly loose tummy drink 1 spoon termuric in cold water and the stomach upset is set right.
– Drinking Butter milk with jeera powder in that is wonderful for loose motions.
– For blood in stools— squeeze one lemon in cold milk and drink that instantly. It immediately stops blood in stool.
– Massaging castor oil on the tummy at night also helps to evacuate easily in the morning.

Stomach discomfort in infants

– When the little one is crying all the time and squeezing on tummy. So it is for sure that the baby has gastric pain. Best remedy is to apply Hing mixed in water on the tummy.

– A pinch of hing in 1 spoon mother milk should be given to the 1 or 2 month old baby to release gas from the body. This is a wonderful home remedy.

– Legs of the little one should be pressed on to the tummy to help him release gas.

– If the baby is constipated for 3-4 days and is in discomfort. Add sugar in water and boil that water and make him drink 1 or 2 spoon. This will act as laxative for the baby.

– When the baby is teething and passing stools. The best home remedy is giving him souf water.

– Other home remedy for loose watery stools is to give boiled rice water with little of Dhania powder in that.

– Squeeze a lemon in milk and boil and make fresh cheese. The water of that should be given to the child and this helps in controlling loose motions.

– For vomiting squeeze onion juice and give few drops. this immediately controls vomiting in little babies.

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Home Remedies – A Basic Introduction


You’ve probably heard a lot of the old wives tales about special home remedies and the things you can do to heal yourself at home. These methods usually have an almost supernatural element to them, imagining the old gypsy lady giving you a vial of some natural substance that she put together with ingredients from her home, and that little vial is supposed to cure your headache. The idea of home remedies has sort of become a running joke in the modern world of advanced medicine. There seems to be a pill for everything.

Whether it is a headache, stomach ache, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, or, my favorite, restless leg syndrome, there is medication for it. This is the reason home remedies have slowly begun to fade away into obscurity. It is so much easier to just go to a store and buy an over the counter drug for that sore throat than just do a little bit of research to find out how to cure yourself using ingredients you can find right there in your pantry or your refrigerator. It is going to save you a lot of time and money when you get rid of that trip to the pharmacy! With just the proper amount of research you can have that cold subdued in no time!

Home remedies are incredibly simple. It can be as easy as just gargling warm salt water to help with your sore throat, or eating some warm chicken soup to fight that cold. Home remedies aren’t a complicated mixture of ingredients, it is just a matter of knowledge, and knowing what works best. In fact, very often a simple bowl of soup is the best remedy for any sickness.

Combined with some herbal tea you will be feeling so much better in no time! Home remedies come from years of knowledge and experience, and just a basic understanding of the science behind the medicinal properties of some of these foods. There is a reason that grandma is always pushing the soup and herbal tea towards you. She came from a generation of home remedies where science wasn’t to the point where there was a pill to cure everything. She came from a time where we weren’t all so dependent on medicine, instead we found our own ways to get better and, in the long run, they paid off very well.

Believe it or not, taking an excessive amount of antibiotics for every little thing is really not good for you at all. It will make your immune system totally dependent on these drugs over time. Thus, that is why these natural remedies are such a good idea.

Your immune system will grow much stronger, and you will get sick much less if you don’t depend on pills every time you don’t feel good. Sometimes your body needs to get a little sick so that your immune system can be stronger once the sickness is fought off, and home remedies are a great way to build up this necessary strength.

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